My Favourite Toronto Bakeries

December 18, 2018

I’ve been living in the city for about 15 months and one of the best parts of living downtown is all of the different food I have access to. I love to bake because it combines following instructions and feeding people but sometimes I just want a delicious baked good made for me by the professionals. Let’s run through a few of my favourite bakeries:

The Best Cookies

Voted the #1 Chocolate Cookie of 2014, Le Gourmand has some of the best cookies in the Queen West / Spadina area. Equal parts chewy and with nice caramelly edges, there’s always fresh cookies on their window ledge. My favourites are the classic chocolate chip, chocolate chip with walnuts (controversial), and their peanut butter cookie.

The Best Tarts
Dufflet is known for their cakes and cakelets, but guys, THE TARTS. The shortbread crust isn’t too crumbly or dense, and the fillings are super yummy. The Apple Raspbery Custard Tart and the French Lemon Euro Tart are both amazing, but the Butterscotch Nut Euro Tart is an absolute must and the main reason I return.

The Best Scones
Baker and Scone has a great variety of savory and sweet scones, depending on what you’re in the mood for that morning.

In the heated sweet or savory breakfast debate, I am Team Sweet Breakfast. Unless I have stuff to do that day and cannot lay down afterwards.

Also a worthwhile scone stop? Kitten and the Bear does homemade jams and clotted cream that my Mom always asks me to bring home for her.

The Best Italian Pastries
I only bake soft cookies for myself since I don’t like overbaked crunchy cookies but the biscotti at Forno Cultura really makes me doubt this long-held belief. Double-baked with a variety of sophisticated flavours, this is the perfect gift to bring to an aunt you don’t know that well or to munch on during an indulgent Sunday.

The Best Fancy Bakery
What kind of category is fancy bakery? Are you trying to impress someone visiting Toronto with a nice afternoon? Stop by Nadege Patisserie for delicate macaroons, light croissants, or little cakes crafted with tiny brushes. The bakery is right across the street from the picturesque Trinity Bellwoods Park for a stroll afterwards.

The Best Ice Cream Sandwich

Um, do you bake ice cream? You’re still reading, aren’t you? Skip the line for Bang Bang Ice Cream and visit Bakerbots at Ossington Station for heavenly homemade cookies and fresh ice cream. Choose your pairing (you can’t go wrong) and buy an additional cookie for the road.

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