My little collection of recipes comes from two places – the internet and that box of recipe cue cards that our parents all had at some point. I promise to always link to the original recipe so you can see how the recommended instructions in addition to what worked for me. Sometimes I think salad dressing recipes have too much oil, I swap raisins out of everything, and the main issue is always the portion size.

This is the one time our third grade teachers were right – I have to divide and multiply fractions constantly.

I need a recipe that has 10 ingredients or less but I’ll make exceptions for pantry essentials or seasonal produce. Aside from special cases, I usually use ingredients from commonplace grocery stores and local markets because I don’t have the time or the money to hunt down exotic imports.

Let me stop you – I am not a professional recipe developer or trained in the culinary arts. My knife skills will impress no one and Remy in Ratatouille definitely has a more developed flavour palate then me. But I don’t think you’re reading this blog to win Top Chef. You’re just looking for some delicious weeknight dinners, crowd-pleasing desserts, and the types of dishes that your own parents will say “can you send me the recipe for this?”