About Me

What’s the vibe?

Are you looking for some tried-and-true tips? How about tried-once and it worked? That’s basically the only sustainable way to navigate through your twenties, according to my first-hand experience and intense bias. This is a blog for figuring stuff out, pushing forward, and only looking back to record the highlights (and humorous low points).

Follow along for:

  • House projects if you have minimal tools and no contractor license
  • Baking tips and recipes that won’t break the bank or monopolize your time
  • DIY projects because you’re thrifty and not because you’re a Pinterest mom
  • Life advice but only if you beg and you can’t blame me afterwards

One of my favorite things to do is feeding people the food I make and one of my most annoying traits is my Dad Determination to figure out how to do things on my own. You know that sense of drive and focus when your Dad would say “we’re turning this car around,” the reason you never want to call an actual plumber, the true DIY before Pinterest became a lifestyle fixture?

I don’t have an HGTV show, or a Dear Abby column, or even one of those Instagram accounts with DIY videos in hyperspeed. My main motivation behind this blog is discovering and sharing helpful advice when the actual instructions are overly confusing! Why not create one place for all those tips to live?

So if it’s helpful, amazing, but if you want to follow the rules and be a martyr, congratulations. Everyone else congregate over here and we’ll dish the real stuff. This is Katie’s Common Sense.

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